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Family Manager Coaches. . .

  • are committed to being effective Family Managers, creating a happy organized home, and helping others do the same
  • manage their own business and set their own schedule
  • set their own fees and keep all the fees they earn
  • are members of the Family Manager InnerCircle
  • are associated with the trusted, nationally recognized Family Manager brand established in 1995
  • receive business-building leads from the Family Manager Web site
  • learn how to garner media opportunities
  • are associated with a company committed to family values
  • make a difference in the world by helping people improve their home, family and personal life
  • are part of a community of fabulous women

If you enjoy helping people reach their goals for their home, family, and personal life, we hope you'll consider becoming a Certified Family Manager Coach.

Or maybe you are not interested in coaching others, but you want to coach yourself to become more proficient in the art of Family Management.  

Family Manager University offers online training and the tools you need to become a great Family Manager and go on to build a successful business if you like.

You can grow an existing home-based business with leads and media opportunities from or add Family Manager Coach certification to your credentials as a professional organizer, life coach, home stager, nanny or other profession.

You can make a difference!

A business that makes a difference

Family-Manager Moms Choice Awards


“I love making a difference in people’s lives. I’ve dusted off my business knowledge and am putting it to work as well as learning how to better manage my own active family.”

- Beth, Texas

“I was introduced to Kathy Peel’s books at our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) Spring Cleaning meeting. I immediately got her books. Since then, I’ve put her techniques into action, personalized them to fit my family and have had great success.”

– Rebecca, Washington

“I am a single Mom of a 4 year old daughter. Sometimes it is SO hard, but most of the time it is WONDERFUL! This program is absolutely perfect for us single moms. We will be able to help ourselves and others while still being available to our children when they need us!”

– Mary Beth, Texas

“I’ve always wanted to be self-employed. At this point in my life, Family Manager Coaching is a great opportunity. I feel as though all of my life experiences as a student (college), an employee, volunteer, and parent have been on-the-job training for being a Coach.”

– Stacy, North Carolina

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