Hope for Desperate Households

Do you ever feel desperate—like your home is out of control and your life is unraveling? 

On your wedding day you knew you’d face challenges but, like most women, deep down you dreamed of happily ever. Hand in hand with the love of your life, you’d take on the world. You’d have the best marriage, the cutest house and the brightest kids on the block.

Sure, these were lofty dreams, but they were good dreams. After all, no sane person stands at the altar hoping for a future filled with chaos and disappointment.

But even homes that start out on solid footing can get out of hand.

Fast forward a few years. Your family is growing. Clutter has established strongholds in your once tidy adult-only environment. Juggling responsibilities is harder than you thought. (A lot harder.)  As one harried mom put it, “I love my family, but I sure didn’t sign up for this.”

Every mom—even those seemingly perfect ones (which they are not)—has challenges and bad days. Roofs leak, appliances break, and two-year-olds have tantrums. And that’s the easy stuff—because life can get really hard.

One friend summed it up like this: People we love die; people we love get hurt; people we love hurt us; and we hurt people we love.  There’s simply no such thing as a perfect home or a perfect family.

However, there is such a thing as a good home—a place where family members (yourself included) walk through the door and think, It’s really good to be home!

There’s also such thing as a good family, where uniquely gifted opposites live together in harmony and help one another develop their God-given potential.

And, there’s such thing as a constantly improving personal life—as you learn daily to draw on God’s unconditional love and promised strength to help you manage your home, balance your schedule, make wise decisions, love others patiently, face crises courageously, and grow toward your own personal best.

That’s the goal of the Family Manager System.

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