Work-Life Balance Programs

Managing daily life …

       juggling schedules, running a family, getting dinner on the table, performing well on the job

is no small feat.

Work-Life Balance Corporate Programs help busy parents create a smoothly running home and fulfilling, integrated lifestyle.

In these informative, interactive presentations, Kathy Peel offers strategies and solutions busy parents can implement immediately to create a strong family and smoothly running home, and enjoy a rewarding personal and professional life. Course participants learn how to …

  • Simplify home and family operations, and reduce daily stress
  • Strengthen relationships and build a family team
  • Identify personal energy boosters and drainers
  • Recognize roadblocks that limit productivity
  • Discover time for rejuvenating routines
  • Integrate career and personal life into one fulfilling, well-managed lifestyle.

Programs are tailored to the audience and organization’s goals.

Popular Formats

  • Interactive workshops and seminars
  • Learning lunches (back-to-back 1-hour topical workshops)
  • Keynote presentations

Additional Programs

  • Webcasts
  • Customized content for company communication channels
  • Affinity Group presentations

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  • Called “America’s Family Manager” by Oprah
  • Author of 21 books, selling over 2 million copies
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